What is a VPN?

A VPN is a “virtual private server.” A VPN creates a connection between your computer and a server in another location and routes all your internet traffic through that server. This makes your ip address/location appear as if you are coming from where ever the VPN server’s are located.

So What is a VPN or Why Would I Want One?

A VPN allows you to access geographically blocked content, secures your connection when using public or insecure wifi hotspots, allows you to anonymously browse the internet or download content.

For example, if you’d like to view the Netflix Library in the US but you live in England, you could connect to a VPN with a server located in the US. When you login to Netflix the next time you’d have access to all the content available to Americans. Netflix would simply believe you were traveling at the time as your Netflix account works worldwide when you travel.

Alternatively, if you travel a lot for business or pleasure you will often find yourself connecting to unsecured public wifi hotspots. Even if you connect to wifi at a coffee shop using a password and of your activity on the internet can be viewed by others on the same wifi connection unless you are using encryption. Using a VPN allows you to keep your data safe and secure by creating an encrypted private tunnel between you and the VPN’s server. A VPN allows you privacy online wherever you are in the world.

How do I choose a good VPN to use?

Occasionally you can find a free VPN to try. If you have nothing else and can’t afford a paid alternative a free service is better than not using anything at all. However paying for reliable VPN service will give you better access to several various locations and countries, faster download speeds and a more reliable connection.