Netflix in Korea

If you are a new teacher or stationed in Korea you might be wondering if Netflix works in Korea.

Yes, Netflix in Korea works, in fact Netflix outside the US works everywhere in the world if you know how to do it.

Netflix in Korea

To watch Netflix in Korea all you need to do is connect to a VPN, a VPN will make Netflix think you are located in the United States thus allowing access to Netflix from outside the US.

There are lots of VPN’s to choose from, a free VPN for Netflix won’t really work that well, they aren’t fast enough to work and usually won’t give you enough data to even watch a single show. If you are going to be teaching English in Korea for a year I recommend getting a paid VPN, it’s totally  worth it. A paid VPN will allow you to stream Netflix in Korea (or anywhere in the world for the matter) but it will also let you watch Hulu, stream Pandora and Spotify or anything else you find is blocked while your living in Korea.

What VPN works best for Netflix in Korea?

I’ve been using a service called StrongVPN, it works great for Netflix and has worked remarkably well from Korea. There are lots of reviews from other teachers and military members that use StrongVPN in Korea for streaming Netflix or playing Xbox Live. It’s pretty cheap for an entire year of service, I definitely recommend signing up. You can even use it on your computer at school to unblock websites your school might restrict access to.

So stop wondering if Netflix in Korea works! Get a VPN and start watching Netflix in Korea tonight!

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