How to Watch Netflix in Australia

Watch Netflix in Australia Easily.

You’ve come here wanting to learn how to watch Netflix in Australia. You’ll be happy to know that you can watch Netflix in Australia despite Netflix ignoring Australia as a valuable market for Netflix to expand to. Streaming Netflix outside the US is not difficult at all and you can begin watching Netflix in Australia in just a few minutes.

Australian Netflix

Learn how to watch Netflix in Australia

First thing you need to watch Netflix in Australia is a VPN.

Wondering what a VPN is? No problem, head on over to my What is a VPN? page to learn all about them. In short, a VPN is going to trick Netflix into thinking your internet connection is coming from within one of the many locations that Netflix streaming is already available, allowing you to watch Netflix in Australia. Find yourself a good VPN, free VPN’s can work with Netflix but they are more hassle than they are worth. I recommend using a paid VPN if you will be watching Netflix in Australia, you’ll want a fast VPN so you don’t have to deal with buffering and can watch in HD if you want, a free VPN will not work so well at all unless you are using special load screen trick methods.

So what VPN should I use to stream Netflix in Australia?

There are hundreds of options for VPN’s on the internet, some of them will work well watching Netflix in Australia and some of them may not. Which one you choose is up to you, however I recommend checking out StrongVPN. I’ve used StrongVPN for over two years now and I’ve had no complainants about them. As an expat I’ve used Netflix in a few different countries and StrongVPN has always been  the best out of the VPN’s I’ve tried. I’ve written a StrongVPN review I recommend checking out if you’re interested.

Got your VPN? That’s it, you’re ready to start watching Netflix in Australia!

The last step after signing up for a VPN is to connect to your new VPN. Once you’re connected on whichever device you choose to watch on, head over to Netflix and enjoy the freedom to watch Netflix in Australia right now!

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